Marble Worlds

Marble Worlds 1.12

Guide your ball through the marble worlds


  • Impressive graphics and sound effects
  • Smooth ball animation
  • Lots of puzzles to keep you interested


  • A little too difficult

I've loved playing marbles ever since I was a kid, and have progressed from rolling balls around in the street through to endless games of Screwball Scramble, to playing console classics such as Marble Madness.

Now my marbling career has taken another twist as I've taken the hobby to the road with the mobile game, Marble Worlds. The game is played in much the same way as Marble Madness in that you need to roll your little ball around a labyrinth of different obstacles in order to pick up the gems and score points.

Along the way you find a bevy of different traps, teleporters, ramps, blow holes , trampolines and the like, which can either aid or hamper your quest. The 3D graphics are delightfully drawn and the ball animation is smooth and realistic. The overall presentation is enhanced further by the inclusion of cool sound effects such as twittering birds and almighty explosions.

Although it's fun to play it can be pretty tricky too, and your ball control will need to be very precise as the movement is very sensitive. In fact, at times I was tempted to stop playing for good such is the infuriating nature of the gameplay. Perhaps the inclusion of some difficulty levels would've helped this, but sadly options in general in this game are a little thin on the ground.

If you've got the persistence to master the art of ball rolling then Marble Worlds represents a fun, colorful challenge.

Marble Worlds


Marble Worlds 1.12

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